BCS-2 Window Blind Separation Add-on Sets

BCS-2 Window Blind Separation Add-on Sets are the first series of products PrivaBeam™ has developed. This series of products can be used to upgrade most window blinds by allowing more natural light into rooms while still maintaining your privacy. If you enjoy natural lighting inside your rooms but struggle with compromising privacy from opening your window blinds, BCS-2 products are made for you. By installing the BCS-2 products onto your window blinds you can operate the upper and lower portions of your window blinds separately. This will allow healthy natural light into your rooms without compromising your privacy.

The BCS-2 series products include three sizes or models: Small size or BCS21, Medium size or BCS22, and Large size or BCS23. Each of these were designed for blinds of a particular width range. When purchasing BCS-2 products please select the right size or model for your blinds according to the type of the blind slat material and the width of the blinds. The table below lists the width ranges of the popular types of blinds for each size or model of the product.